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by on October 13, 2011

t rex for sale

T Rex For Sale


Don’t fancy owning a brand new T Rex motorcycle? Don’t have many friends who own it yet? Want a T Rex bike right now?  Looking for available T Rex for sale? You are reading correctly and there are T Rex dealers and we are about to share with you where to find them, well, most of them.

There are places where you could get the T Rex for sale cheap!  But we would rather say, read the information and description well before you jump at the bargain. For example there is one available by IAGmotors on a 2002 Campagna T-Rex model and as much as the package sounds interesting, this T Rex for sale is up for a bid and with no price to start with, we are not too sure if you would actually be getting a bargain on this. Another red beauty found on the site of knee slider is found to be within the range of fifty thousand dollars so that would not be considered a cheap bargain either. So a bargain is a bargain and you would need to spend quite some amount of time to select a good conditioned T Rex for a real cheap price.

Looking at used T Rex for sale is also a good search to get a reasonably good conditioned beauty for a price range.  Let’s not hold back on the price range so that it would get you prepared on the finances. Between the range of thirty seven thousand dollars and seventy five thousand dollars is what would be considered the price range for T Rex bike for sale. And yes, this is with consideration of the year of make of the T Rex. You would once again need to read up and even view the motorcycle physically and another point is the particular parts may be in another state or even country.  Reading up on the available description on the T Rex vehicles would definitely be on your list of interest before making the appointment to view the motorcycle.

Looking for T Rex for Sale Offer

For those who are looking for the twin turbo Formula one GP-TT, then you would need to narrow your search to T Rex trike for sale. We hear there is one available at the broker, which can be custom made to suit your desire, measurement and preference for a cool sixty nine thousand dollars. If you are keen on such T Rex for sale, do contact these people at the broker for an appointment.

And while you are at it on your search, why not rope in your friends too for we hear too that a spin on the T Rex would seal the punch needed to spice up on the search for a T Rex for sale.

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