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by on October 18, 2011

t rex motorcycle

T Rex Motorcycle


It is no twist of fate that the people who invented and designed T Rex motorcycle are one with an Italian named, famous for their Ferraris, Ducatis and Lamborghinis, while the other with a German named, renowned for their Mercedes, BMWs and Daimlers. Campagna and Deutschman, the man from the nation of style, elegance and class complementing the man from the land of advance technology and scientific excellence, they could do no wrong, do they. Enhanced that with Japanese technology and knowhow, what you get is amazing speed or acceleration on the road or highway and are eye-catching. One of their models is called Campagna T-Rex. T Rex is much more than a motorcycle, it is reminiscent of a race car with three tyres or a powered tricycle with covering in disguise and actually while looking at it, evokes memories about the German military motorcycles used during the World War nearly seventy years ago.

With a top speed of two hundred fifty kilometres per hour and acceleration from zero to ninety kilometres in under four seconds, T Rex dinosaur is one the best motorcycles or car if you like, speed-wise, design-wise or unique-wise. It seats two people, side by side like a car, with two wheels at the rear and one in front. The rear suspension with two wheels on the left and right allows a considerable and exceptional road holding while travelling in speed. While the seat and steering, akin to a car, provide a sense of safety and balance in addition to the open-air cab with cover on top. In most states, T Rex motorcycle is considered a motorcycle in registration and insurance document as most of the technical aspects and kit are similar to ordinary high-powered motorcycles such as T Rex motorcycle kit. These kits include cold-air intake kit and air filter cleaning kit for example.

Considering Used T Rex Motorcycle for Sale

One of the significant features of the motorcycle is that it’s equipped with a mechanical reverse gear which is why some people considered them as cars with three wheels. Even some models of T Rex Motorcycle cost is more expensive than some cars in the market for that matter. The next issue that people normally deliberate is whether one should wear a helmet while riding, or driving. Well for safety and security reasons anyone driving them should wear a helmet or in places that are not really concerned on these kind of things should make them compulsory for everybody sake and well being.

The only drawback, if one should call it that, is that the T Rex motorcycle does not have space for luggage but then again who needs extra baggage when machine is seem to be ‘flying’ on the highway.

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